Touch screens increasingly popular

January 25, 2016

Ye Yihao, company chairman of Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwan-based IC designer, has reported a substantial increase in orders for touch screen chips for handsets. The volume of chips shipped in January already exceeds 30,000 units.

Additionally, Elan is projecting shipments of touch screen modules to exceed 15,000 units in the first quarter, a 10,000 unit increase on the previous quarter.

Demand for touch screen modules is currently coming from mobile handset and digital music player manufacturers. Demand for touchscreen solutions for mobile handsets and laptops is expected to continue growing, and Ye predicts that Elan’s shipments will top 100,000 units per month by the third quarter of this year.

In preliminary data, the company posted after-tax profits for 2015 of NT$587 million, equivalent to NT$1.73 per share.


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