NetworkFlow MPLS network boosts business for Doubletakestudios

March 27, 2016

Doubletakestudios, a photo shoot specialist with studios in London, Manchester and Southampton has installed a Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network from NetworkFlow, which has revolutionised its way of working.

The MPLS IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) has reduced network complexity, as well as saving costs, improving turnaround time for orders and leading to a substantial increase in business.

Doubletake’s photo shoot service includes beauty treatments and makeovers for its clients. Each of its four studios handles from 40 to 80 shoots per day, taking over 6,000 photographs which have to be processed and retouched daily.

The MPLS network allows each studio to send the images to the Head Office for processing at the close of business each day, with the confidence that they will have arrived by the next morning.

Previously the company had to send photos on disks by registered post, which could add a week to the processing time of all orders.

The new network allows clients’ payments to be processed immediately and provides cost savings on call charges because each of the offices can now dial internally.

Network Flow manages and maintains both Internet access and MPLS networks and uses the lowest cost fibre providers for the local tail connections. This allows the company to select the best solution in a particular area.

NetworkFlow’s customers include Yo!Sushi, SweatShop, American Express and Suzuki.


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