Motorola Taiwan releases sales predictions for 2016

January 31, 2016

Motorla Taiwan’s general manager of mobile device business, Bill Chen, predicts that Motorola’s Taiwanese handset sales for 2016 will be over one million units, a similar number to the previous year.

Profitability, however, will be boosted by a drive to sell more handsets in the mid- and high-end segments, with their market share to reach over 15% in terms of sales value.

Data from Taiwanese retailers reveals that for December 2015 Motorola was the third largest handset vendor in Taiwan, with a market share of 9.4% in terms of sales value. The leading vendor in Taiwan was Nokia, with 35%, close followed by Sony Ericsson’s 28% share of the market. In terms of sales volume, Motorola came fourth, with a 13% market share.

This week Motorola launched its Q9 3.5G customized smartphone, released in co-operation with telecom operator Taiwan Mobile. They also began marketing their new handsets in the W-series, the W181, W230, W360 and W362, in co-operation with other telecoms operators.

The production of these W-series handsets is being outsourced to Compal Communications.


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