KCom cuts the price of wholesale broadband

March 19, 2016

Previously Kingston Communications has been condemned over the price it charged for wholesale access to its broadband network in the Hull area. The Hull Daily Mail reports that KCom has dropped the price of its wholesale broadband to equal or undercut what BT Wholesale charges in the rest of the country.

The newspaper article refers to the basic price of an IPStream Max connection at £7.63, but forgets to state the costs of the BT Central component. The fee of getting the data from the telephone exchange to where the provider can connect into their own network is significant and frequently is what dictates the actual customer experience. A provider charging £15 a month and offering an unlimited service is almost certainly going to have a increased variable speed than one offering an explicit 30GB allowance costing £30 a month.

Optimistically the future will bring more developments to the Hull area with BT Wholesale getting close to rolling out ADSL2+. If KCom does not begin to offer a faster DSL product soon it will begin to look out-of-date.


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