3Com and 802UK promote Wi-Fi in schools

July 4, 2015

3Com, the data networking solutions provider and specialist reseller 802UK, have joined to combat anti-Wi-Fi ‘misinformation‘, such as the recent Panorama programme which raised concern over the safety of wireless networks in schools.

The two companies are running a series of seminars on wireless technology and are also releasing a ‘Wireless for Schools’ guidebook.

The companies argue that wireless can provide major benefits to schools and that it is also significantly less harmful than mobile phones.

According to 3Com, Wi-Fi networks produce significantly less radiation than mobile phones. A mobile phone transmits around 40mW and is held next to the head, while a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop emits under 0.1mW and is used further away from head.

The companies are providing information to help schools ensure that their networks are properly installed.

According to 802UK, many schools complain, when attending one of its seminars, that their wireless network does not work properly.

802UK believes that this is because many networks are designed for capacity, not coverage.

Performance can be improved significantly with better network design, including the use of second -generation wireless – thin access points, managed by a switch.

3Com and 802UK are among the suppliers hoping to secure some of the business that will be generated by the government’s Building Schools for the Future program.

Part of the programme will focus on greater use of ICT within education.


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