UPA launches Command & Control Working Group

September 18, 2015

The Universal Powerline Association, a trade association which promotes global standards in the Powerline communications market, has launched the Command and Control Working Group (CCWG).

The group will develop specifications to ensure networking interoperability and coexistence for narrowband low-speed and broadband high-speed Powerline technologies. Powerline systems use electric power lines to carry radio signals for communication purposes.

The UPA will be the first organisation to develop a global plan to ensure that Powerline networking systems are interoperable.

The CCWG will help develop fully compatible Powerline solutions in the areas of access, in-home, and in-building connectivity, for industrial control, consumer networking and power utility management applications.

The CCWG’s main goal is to promote open protocol packet based Powerline networking for command and control applications which are currently limited or restricted to primarily “on/off” type command structures.

The working group will focus on the need for residential, commercial and industrial applications covering home automation, gateway access to the home, mission critical controls, smart grid and overall energy applications.

The CCWG is composed of UPA member companies, including AcBel Polytech, Ambient Corporation, BPL Global, Current Technologies International, DS2, Duke Energy, Ilevo, PCN Technology, Moscow City Electricity Grid, Toshiba Electronics Europe, Toyo Networks & System Integration Co Ltd and Watteco. The group’s chairman is Paul Bertrand of Watteco.

Companies with an interest in Powerline communications can join the Universal Powerline Association and Command and Control working group by visiting its website at www.upaplc.org.


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