Manx Telecom improves number portability

November 12, 2017

O2 subsidiary, Manx Telecom, has installed a new number portability platform from Tekelec that will give it the flexibility to meet changing customer requirements.

The move follows Ofcom’s recent recommendation that the time taken for subscribers to switch numbers should be reduced from 5 days to 2 days.

Tekelec has provided Manx Telecom with a unified platform that integrates advanced database management and signaling functions.

The solution provides superior throughput and avoids link congestion and bottlenecks in the network.

Roy Maddrell, mobile network manager of Manx Telecom, said: “The versatility of the EAGLE 5 gives us the technology and flexibility we need to provide mobile number portability while watching the bottom line.

“Tekelec’s approach also gives us the options to scale and add new capabilities as our customers’ needs evolve.”

Tekelec recently announced strong earnings growth for the third quarter, with revenue from continuing operations up 8% to $114.9 million.

Along with its results it reported that its Eagle XG platform has now been purchased by eight Tier-1 customers.


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