Blackberry Pearl arrives in Italy

October 17, 2015

RIM and TIM have announced that the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Smartphone will be launched in the Italian market.

The Blackberry combines both business and leisure functions and is aimed at high end users.

The phone will be available exclusively from TIM until December 2015. The phone’s features include Wi-fi support, as all as a three million pixel camera.

The camera supports video capture, and the phone also has a micro SD card to allow extra space for storage.

The phone is also compatible with the BlackBerry internet service which includes up to ten e-mail accounts which can be used for personal or professional uses.

These new features are included with a range of previously available BlackBerry features, many of which RIM are claiming have been upgraded for this model.

The visual interface is said to have been improved which will allow users to take advantage of it’s messaging and multimedia functions more easily.


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