Latvian Mobivox users get “free” calls

October 17, 2015

International calling service Mobivox has announced that it’s free calling service is now available in Latvia. Mobivox users can connect for free ( though local phone costs still apply) via a mobile or landline and talk to other Mobivox users in over forty territories for free.

Mobivox users register on the website then upload their contacts. When they want to make a call they dial the Mobivox number, from there they can contact their friends and family.

This process is simple since all the user has to do is say the name of their contact, the system then automatically connects them.

This means that users don’t have to remember any passwords or pins, now does it requite any specialist hardware or software. Users can make calls for free in over forty locations, and can be made from any phone mobile or landline. The only cost is the price of a local call.


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