Areas between cities and suburbs broadband notspots

May 28, 2017

A recent survey by the BBC shows that junctions between commuter towns and suburban areas have a high incidence rate of slow broadband connections.

Hampshire is one of the worst counties in the UK, where most speeds average below 1Mbps, because in order to receive high broadband speeds, homes need to be about 4km from telephone lines or where the exchange is made.

The Government has responded by declaring that all homes should be able to reach at least speeds of 2Mbps per second by the year of 2012.

About 3m homes throughout the UK fall below these standards in areas referred to as ‘notspots.’

However, given that some countries enjoy broadband speeds that reach up to 100Mbps, this is not very impressive.

Currently, about 1% of UK homes do not even receive broadband because it is not available and even with 2Mbps one cannot use the BBC iplayer, or even access a variety of websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Samknows co-founder Alex Salter, (the company which carried out the BBC survey) said that even though most assumed that the trouble spots would be in rural areas, a large amount were actually found in commuter belts.


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