Link Telecom and Orbit Research collaborate on satellite backhaul

October 19, 2015

Corporate cellular dealer, Link Telecom, a TeleWare partner, has entered into a partnership with Orbit Research Ltd, a satellite communications specialist.

The collaboration will provide satellite backhaul solutions to an integrated voice and data communications station for rapid deployment.

Orbit Research Ltd’s satellite internet solution provides secure, broadband-speed connections from IP based networks, with the advantage of always-on connectivity.

Satellite connection is provided via Orbit’s ViaOrbit UK hub. This ensures continuity of communications when rapid deployment is necessary, or permanent connections in remote locations where ADSL is not available.

The partnership will allow Link Telecom to provide links back through the ViaOrbit UK hub to PSTN and private corporate networks from remote locations. It also eliminates the need to install permanent network connections.

Link Telecom is implementing final tests of the ViaOrbit satellite backhaul with its voice, data and security solutions and for integration with networks technology provided by Private Mobile Networks. Private Mobile Networks is part of the TeleWare group.

The partnership will allow Link Telecom to provide fully integrated communications to its customers.


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