Ofcom panel calls for broadband speed clarity

October 11, 2015

Ofcom’s independent consumer panel has called on ISP’s to be clearer on broadband speeds.

Ofcom Consumer Panel chairman, Colette Bowe, has written to six leading ISPs, asking for their views on how clearer information could be given to potential customers on the speed their broadband services are likely to provide.

The panel’s concern centres on how broadband speeds are advertised. Packages that claim a speed of up to 8Mbits a second, can fall substantially below this level depending on a number of factors.

Such factors include the number of people sharing the connection, quality of wiring and distance from the telephone exchange.

The Consumer Panel acts as an advisor to Ofcom. Although it has no powers of its own, it acts as a consumer conscience for the regulator, which may, or may not choose to follow its advice.

The panel has asked the ISPs to agree to advise prospective customers of the likely speed their individual line is likely to achieve.

It also wants ISPs to extend the cooling-off period, and to change contracts to allow customers to move to a different ISP if the quality of connection is poor.


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