BT sends out device to boost broadband speeds

August 6, 2017

In exchange for £1.20 in postage, those who subscribe to BT can head online to get a free Broadband Accelerator which is said to boost broadband speeds by about half a megabit.

In order to qualify users must be receiving less bandwidth than promised (that would be most people) by BT and have the correct BT socket.

The Broadband Accelerator is actually BT’s I-Plate which previously cost users a little less than a tenner to purchase.

The I-Plate is also useful because it is able to filter static on other lines and reduces home interference.

It also improves ADSL lines dramatically making it worth the small postage investment.

The I-Plate works by picking up rogue signals that may exist around the home and placing the signals into one location that helps reduce the interference on the ASDL line.

Installation of the little device is simple since you just screw it in over your home’s main telephone socket.

There is no need to get it if you already receive the top speeds offered by BT or if you use a router that is linked through an extension phone line, as the addition of the plate will not help increase broadband speeds in these cases.


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