Wi-Fi available on Wightlink ferries

April 15, 2016

Ferry operator, Wightlink, has deployed the Moovbox M Series mobile broadband gateway from Moovera Networks, on its Isle of Wight ferries, providing ferry crew with instant access to online resources.

The Moovbox M Series mobile broadband gateway provides fast Internet access and real-time GPS-based ship location monitoring.

The deployment will also facilitate the future provision of public Wi-Fi hotspot services.

The Moovbox M Series provides Internet access on Wightlink ferries at speeds up to 3.6 Mbps by creating a bridge between a vessel and a HSPA cellular broadband network from T-Mobile.

The Moovbox provides Ethernet connectivity for ship systems and secure Wi-Fi for crew laptops. It also includes built-in GPS for real-time fleet tracking.

The new technology is part of a major modernisation programme by Wightlink, which will include the commissioning of three new ships.


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