BT reduces Total Broadband prices

June 12, 2016

BT is reducing the introductory prices for its Total Broadband packages.

BT Total Broadband options 1, 2 and 3, which provide 5GB, 8GB and unlimited monthly usage respectively, have all been reduced by £3 a month.

This means that for the first three months, the Option 1 basic package is available for £4.95 a month; Option 2, which adds the wireless BT Home Hub is available for £10.99; and Option 3, which adds the Hub Phone3 and unlimited WiFi minutes costs £15.99 per month.

The lower prices are available until further notice for customers ordering online, but are only valid until 30 June for telephone orders.

Although the BT Home Hub isn’t usually available with the Option 1 package, customers who simultaneously order BT Vision and Option 1 BT Total Broadband online, will get a free BT Home Hub thrown in.

Anyone ordering BT Vision will receive a free V-box, which gives access to 70 Freeview TV and radio channels and can record up to 80 hours of TV.


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