ISPs affected by flood-related problems

July 24, 2015

A number of ISPs, especially broadband providers, have been affected by the severe floods in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, which have caused loss of power, complete server outages and increased customer support calls.

A floodline has been set up by Aquiss Internet to help its broadband customers get reconnected. Its Worcester office, which houses the administrative and call centre operations, is without power or telecoms.

Customers are urged to contact the special floodline – 01746 708090 – which has been set up to handle the large amount of calls being received due to the loss of broadband as a result of the recent floods in the area. Members of staff have been recalled to handle the calls and to help get customers back online as soon as possible.

The Worcester headquarters of Namesco, another affected ISP, are under water and without power or telecoms. The firm is asking customers to direct their queries to the support ticketing section on their online control panels unless the situation is urgent and a phone call must be made.

All customers are being asked to have patience with any affected provider dealing with a large amount of calls. The unusual weather conditions look set to continue well into this week and it is anticipated that the problems could potentially get worse.

Areas in the Thames Valley are likely to be affected as the waters move downstream. Levels on the Thames downstream of Abingdon, in the Berkshire villages of Pangbourne and Burley, are expected to peak on Tuesday morning. Flood protection officials will monitor water levels on the Thames at Reading on Wednesday, and at Windsor on Thursday.


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