Actix Viewpoint 1.4 developments

June 11, 2016

Actix has revealed revisions and development of Actix Viewpoint, which is used to manage performance engineering data.

The first development involves a Call Trace Management system, which enables live call tracing, and storing of data, allowing network operators to assess performance of the mobile network and highlight any errors that might need revising in the near future.

The new management system incorporates extreme accuracy across a huge volume of data, with minimal cost implications, representing a saving of up to 80 percent in some live demonstrations.

Data handling and general capability improvements of the Actix Viewpoint 1.4, have a knock on affect to the processing speed, which is also increased dramatically.

Although the Call Trace Management revision is one of the most important on the new Actix Viewpoint 1.4, over 150 revisions or new features have been added, to increase the general versatility of the product on a performance basis, while reducing the overall cost implication.

Actix continue to excel in their quest to deliver complete customer satisfaction, and continue to develop their product range to the usual exceptionally high standard.


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