Tariam BGAN X-Stream goes live

December 11, 2017

Global Satellite Broadband ISP Tariam has announced dramatic enhancements to its BGAN mobile broadband and satellite phone services.

Speaking from their new offices and demo lab in Weston on the Green, Oxfordshire MD Andrew Walwyn said

“BGAN was already a unique and dynamic product, but X-Stream coming online takes it to a completely different level.

“Our peak streaming data rates on portable BGAN’s is now a minimum of 384kbps, right up to 450kbps on demand.

“These are the fastest ‘on demand’ streaming rates in the world of mobile satellite communications.

“Customers don’t need any special new hardware or different terminals to access the new services, any existing Thrane Explorer 700 or Hughes 9201 terminal will provide access to X-Stream.

“This is all with one unit, one IP address that works anywhere in the world”.

Tariam offers mobile broadband and voice connectivity globally via its BGAN services which provide synchronous broadband data up to half a megabit with simultaneous high quality voice calls, ISDN and G4 fax, all in one portable laptop sized unit.

Tariam BGAN customers can access the new X-Stream services straight away, but should ensure that they’ve downloaded the latest version of the free BGAN Launchpad software to ensure optimum delivery.

Version 3.9.3 has just become available which supports Windows Vista and XP.

Andrew also said

“The availability of new X-Stream option coincides with the launch of our ecommerce facilities for BGAN, allowing customers to buy hardware securely online, as well as accessing online billing, invoicing and support through the same industry leading portal.

“The availability of X-Stream means customers can dispense with expensive SNG trucks and provide quality video streams from one compact unit.

“BGAN is a very important product for us, we’re investing a lot in new supplementary equipment for the platform, and it’s important that we have state of the art support services in place to give our customers the best possible BGAN solution”.


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