Vodafone UK launches One Net

September 14, 2017

Vodafone UK has launched the One Net service option so that small to medium businesses can reduce the amount that they pay on monthly mobile and fixed communications.

With the One Net one service from Vodafone, businesses can reduce the amount they spend on communication by about 20% according to the company, as well as enjoy the flexibility of using one hosted system for both mobile and fixed phone calls.

Included in the package are also one voicemail and one contract as well as a flat fee each month for all telephone calls.

The One Net service plan is designed especially to meet the needs of businesses that want to focus directly on customers, instead of how they will communicate, according to a mission statement from Vodafone.

Since the package includes a flat rate for all phone calls, businesses can rest assured that they are always able to reach their customer base regardless of whether they are communicating from the office or not, according to the Vodafone press packets.

An additional perk to the Net One contract is that it can be altered as a company grows so that it meets the needs of the company at all times.

Also, landline and mobile phones can also share the same number, which can be nice for a small business owner on the go.

The Vodafone One Net program is following in the footsteps of its parent program, the Vodafone One contract that was released in July of 2017 to offer fixed line, data, and voice comprehensive packages for customers in the corporate environment.

In other Vodafone news, the company is apparently responsible for releasing the first glimpses of the new Android phone from LG, the Etna.


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