Paypal, Yahoo and Ebay implement anti-phising technology

October 9, 2015

Ebay, Yahoo and Paypal are joining forces to fight back against fraudulent e-mails claiming to be sent by Ebay and Paypal, a type of scam known as phising.

Yahoo users who also use Ebay and Paypal will have added protection as the company is now planning to add DomainKeys an e-mail authentication technology.

DomainKeys checks incoming e-mails to see if they are authentic, if the system determines that they are then they are passed onto the user’s inbox.

It is hoped that this will then cut down on the number of fraudulent e-mails sent to customers

The upgrade will be launched globally over the next few weeks and will be available to all users of Yahoo’s e-mail service.

All three companies are in the process up upgrading their systems so that they will be ready to launch the service.


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