HarbourVest Partners invest in TynTec

June 26, 2016

In an effort to expand, Tyntec has accepted a major investment from a private equity fund, HarbourVest Partners, LLC.

The investment will allow the company’s rapid growth in markets such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Not only does the fund add investment, but knowledge to the business, which will enable Tyntec to take it to the next level, and become more valuable as a business.

Tyntec has already identified a range of unique selling points in its quality of service, showcasing operator-level SMS services, with a lot more speed, reliability and measurability than comparable services.

The partnership between the two companies, HarbourVest Partners, LLC and Tyntec, will benefit both parties.

With a new board of directors, Tyntec will look at a new execution strategy, now it has the correct financial and business structure and foundations.

The first strategy set to go in place in the increased development of the market share for new products such as the International Messaging Transit, which is a SMS hubbing platform for operators, with the right strategy and backing to potentially take products, a lot further than Tyntec could have on their own.


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