Pre-paid service introduced by Vizada

February 20, 2016

Vizada, a provider of global satellite communications solutions, has launched the Universal Card pre-paid service for mobile satellite communications. The service enables users to make private calls, send SMS and e-mail from a single card over both Inmarsat and Iridium mobile satellite terminals.

The Universal Card is designed to simplify administration for customers managing large fleets of terminals such as maritime communications officers and government agency representatives.

Large fleets often comprise multi-satellite operator terminals to cater for users’ varied communications requirements, so the Universal Card can be used with Iridium devices, as well as Inmarsat terminals.

Over Iridium terminals users benefit from the same off-peak rate 24/7, reducing communications costs compared to existing solutions on the market, as well as providing a simple, transparent service for both end users and fleet managers.

By combining version 7.0 of its SkyFile Mail messaging solution with the Universal Card, Vizada offers customers pre-paid e-mail, SMS and voice calls as one service.

Vizada, formerly Telenor, is a leading global satellite communications provider offering total communications solutions to professional users including merchant shipping fleets, fishing companies, emergency response teams, government and military units, news gathering organisations, natural resource exploration companies, enterprise businesses, and airlines.

Vizada sells mobile satellite services and Vizada value-added solutions through an extensive international network of more than 400 distribution partners.


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