200Mbps Wi-Fi for round-the-world race coverage

June 16, 2017

As boats in the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race converge on Stockholm, a temporary 200Mbps wireless network has been set up in the city to cope with media coverage of the event.

The network, almost one kilometre long, will accommodate all data traffic surrounding the event, providing internet access to television and radio broadcasters, sponsors, service teams, guests, and the general public.

More than 20 Wi-Fi access points across the city will provide the coverage.

Stockholm-based Datacom will be setting up the network.

“We are wireless networking experts with a keen interest in sailing, so it felt quite natural for us to be here and do our bit,” said Datacom CEO Ralf Aspholm.

Datacom faces a variety of challenges, including tall buildings, variable weather, which affects the performance of Wi-Fi networks, and disruption from existing Wi-Fi networks.

Security is also a major issue, and to keep to network secure DataCom is co-operating with Sweden-based security software firm Clavister.

“Safety is of course incredibly important. The wireless network we are building on Skeppsbron will be as secure against intrusion as today’s wireless networks can possibly be,” said Aspholm.

Clavister Security Gateway will be used to monitor network traffic and block unauthorised and suspicious activities.

“It is a special challenge to secure public networks for large events. The complexity, time pressure and the large number of users has made this type of network a popular target for hackers, “says Jonas Herner, manager of Clavister Sweden.

Five time Olympic medalist Torben Grauf has already clinched victory in the Volvo Ocean Race by finishing the ninth of 10-legs in third place.


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