Blyk ad-funded mobile network launched

September 25, 2015

Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Blyk, has announced its UK launch after months of delays.

Blyk is an invitation-only MVNO. It aims to link brands and young consumers – sending adverts to mobile phones, while offering free phone calls and texts.

Blyk gives advertisers direct access to the 16-24 year old market. The service can help advertisers create brand awareness, build relationships and increase sales to the target audience.

Although Blyk is based on advanced technology, it is designed to be easy to use, and to provide relevant and interactive communications.

Customers registering for the phone service are asked a number of profile questions so that advertising messages can be specifically targeted. The service also features ongoing SMS polling.

Customers receive a free allowance of 43 voice minutes and 217 text messages per month, in return for receiving and responding to up to 6 MMS advertisements per day.

This could help young people eliminate their phone bills, depending on their phone usage. After the free allowance has been used up, customers can top up at rates aligned with those of all the other UK operators.

Over 40 brands have signed up for the launch, representing almost every industry sector. The company offers a full range of ad tracking and measurement services to its brand partners.


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