PlusNet appoints Neil Laycock as CEO

August 10, 2015

PlusNet, the ISP based in Sheffield, has appointed Neil Laycock as Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has been acting CEO since March 2015, and is now confirmed in the post.

PlusNet was acquired by BT in January of this year, and the company acts as an independent subsidiary of BT. Since the takeover, BT has invested in, and supported, PlusNet, resulting in a significantly improved service. In July 2015 PlusNet was voted ‘Best Overall Provider’ in the uSwitch broadband survey.

Under the leadership of Neil Laycock, PlusNet will place a lot of emphasis on its community site. Since its launch at the end of July, more than 4,000 people are actively using the site and making their voices heard. Customer involvement and engaging with a larger audience will be an important focus for the company. Many customers were involved in the design of the Broadband Your Way products in March.

Reliability and quality of service will become critical as more and more people depend on their broadband connections. The investment and support from BT has already resulted in a significantly improved PlusNet service. A dedicated business support centre has been established to deliver quality across the service.


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