PageOne Announces Release Of Contact

May 12, 2016

One of the UK’s leading messaging technology companies, PageOne, has announced the imminent release of its new messaging product, Contact, at Internet World.

The new software package is intended for companies, as well as SMEs.

Contact is a program which allows for mobile messaging with CRM systems and also supports the production and distribution of advertising campaigns via SMS.

The premise behind Contact and its SMS delivery method, is that companies can be highly specified when selecting targets for their campaigns, as well as receive feedback at the same time.

Industry analysts are suggesting that, due to the relative inexpensiveness and ease of SMS campaigns, the medium will soon take off in the marketing field.

By the end of 2016, nearly 90% of major branded companies are planning some form of text message campaign.

There are now over 3 billion mobile phone accounts in use, which is leading to a dramatic push towards using the SMS as a means of advertising.

Included in the PageOne Contact pack is a user interface to allow companies to work with SMS Short Code, as well as supervise the messaging service.

A new service, titled Free text, is also included in the package, which gives companies access to numbers which are free to text to. This is hoped to bring in much feedback about the campaigns.

Part of the user interface for Contact is web-based, and will give companies an over-view of incoming and outgoing texts and allow them to easily create SMS messages using Short Codes.

This should streamline the process of dealing with large quantities of text messages.

PageOne are suggesting that companies may well see a reduction in inbound calls, as they will have the ability to now easily send update SMS’s through to clients before they feel the need to call.

By using such a modern medium of advertising, PageOne believe that Contact will allow for brands to keep an up-to-date image, whilst reducing costs for marketing campaigns.


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