Rhino 2.0 launched by OpenCloud

July 15, 2016

The new Rhino 2.0 application server, which is compatable with new JAIN SLEE v1.1 standard, and made by OpenCloud Limited, has finally been officially announced and released.

The new product from OpenCloud, is functional with JAIN SLEE, which is the Java standard for a multi-protocol run-time environment of telecoms services.

Rhino 2.0 makes an application transfer across a JAIN SLEE platform effortless, leaving room for developers to retail the products, due to their JAIN SLEE compatibility and general versatility.

Rhino 2.0 allows service providers to expand and excel on previous offerings to its customers.

Now having room to move away from proprietary models, and using a pluggable resource, there becomes a connection between the application server and telecommunications networks.

Recoding is no longer needed to transfer services, which was a necessity in the past.

Developers also benefit, being able to offer multiple customers a portable application.

Recorded performance improvements on the previous Rhino 1.4.5 shows around a 20 percent gain, and with its new compliant design, means that further features are available with the new model including library components, CMP types, profile features and tracing and management capabilities.


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