BT FON reaches 100,000 users

June 3, 2016

BT FON, a public Wi-Fi network available to BT Total Broadband customers, has passed the 100,000 user target. The service was launched in October 2015.

BT FON members share their home broadband connections to create a network of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots which are available free to other BT FON users.

In order to use other members’ BT FON hotspots, a customer opens up a separate, secure channel on the BT Home Hub, a wireless Internet router based on the IEEE 802.11g (WiFi) standard.

As well as having access to BT FON hotspots, BT Total Broadband customers also have access to 3,000 BT Openzone hotspots at locations such as hotels and airports, BT’s 13 UK wireless cities, and Fon’s global network of 190,000 hotspots.

BT is planning to launch a similar service for business users later this year.


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