Opera mobile browser moves to Google

March 4, 2016

Opera, the software developer, has adopted Google as the default search option, on its Opera Mobile and Opera Mini web browsers.

The agreement replaces a deal with rival search engine, Yahoo!, made in January 2015.

It extends an existing relationship between Opera and Google, with the desktop version of Opera featuring a built-in Google default for the past seven years.

Opera browser users will continue to have access to Yahoo oneSearch, and Opera and Yahoo will continue to work together. Yahoo!’s OneSearch is specifically designed for mobile users.

Yahoo! claims that it took the decision to pull out of the mobile search partnership with Opera, but did not explain the reasons behind the move.

Search providers are keen to gain a foothold in the growing mobile market, which is potentially a lucrative source of advertising revenue.

Google recently secured a deal with Nokia, to provide Google search on some of its phones, while Yahoo! recently replaced Google as the preferred mobile search provider for T-Mobile in Europe.

Opera Mobile is designed to bring the power of a full browser to smartphones and PDAs, while Opera Mini is a scaled down version, suitable for lower-end phones.


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