Pipex launches software rental service

February 24, 2017

Pipex yesterday unveiled Rentsoft, a new pay-as-you-go software platform for small businesses.

Rentsoft gives SMEs access to leading software applications on a subscription basis.

Small companies subscribed to Rentex will be able to download and use the lastest version of selected software, ranging from accounting and payroll applications to HR and business planning programmes.

Companies will be able to trial software free for 30 days before paying for their subscription.

Subscribers to Rentsoft have full access to the latest software updates.

Pipex product and marketing director LAnce Spencer said: “These Pipex software services will help SME’s to be more productive by providing them with cost effective tools to help them meet their wider business goals.”

Prices for the software range from £2.49 to £60 per month, excluding VAT.


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