Vodafone telecoms management launched

June 18, 2017

The Vodafone division responsible for managing multinational companies’ communication needs, Vodafone Global Enterprise, has recently announced the creation of Vodafone telecoms management, which will be aimed at simplifying the management of mobile and fixed telecoms.

The new service will make it easier to manage telecom systems for multinational businesses by reducing the operational complexity while still offering full hosting.

It will also allow multinational companies to control their telecom expenditures under a much more watchful eye and with greater visibility, so that they can offer employees a much higher quality of service.

The perks can be accessed via an easy to see online single management view, in one place for both mobile and fixed services, with Vodafone consultants on standby to help clients sort through their current systems and create a cost-efficient management plan for both services.

Additionally, the new Vodafone telecoms management service will also offer the ability for global companies to manage their mobile devices in all manners- including control, locking, securing, and remotely wiping the devices.

It will also allow companies to view all their telecom providers online in one simple view, as well as allowing them to peruse through each status agreement of every vendor contract.

On the lighter side, Vodafone also recently released a new Twitter mash-up that allows you to post where you plan to take you holiday vacation this year and compare it with the most popular holiday choices of fellow UK citizens.

Topping the holiday list on Twitter currently are New York and Paris.


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