New chief executive for BT Wholesale

July 26, 2015

BT has appointed Sally Davis as new chief executive in charge of its wholesale division. Sally Davis will take up her new post at the beginning of September 2015. She worked with several communications companies in the US and the UK prior to joining BT eight years ago, where she has been recently acting as Chief Portfolio Officer.

The role of BT Wholesale is likely to be a challenging one in today’s telecommunications world, with increasing competition from other LLU operators.

BT is investing £3bn a year in network and infrastructure, together with the investment of several millions of pounds more in providing and maintaining services. The company is the key driver and investor behind 21CN – the most radical, ambitious and far-reaching next generation network transformation programme that’s happening anywhere in the world today. Through 21CN, BT aims to cut the time required to take a concept from idea to launch from 18 months to six months.

Created five years ago, BT Wholesale is one of Europe’s leading wholesale network businesses, with an annual turnover of more than £10bn from a customer base of more than 500 carriers and service providers in every area of telecommunications. Growth has been driven by offering new and existing communications providers access to BT’s unrivalled network capabilities.

BT’s portfolio features more than 3,500 items, starting with single components to total end-to-end managed services. There are products and services for customers’ own operational and business use, and white label solutions that can be marketed under customers’ own brands.

Sally Davis considers that the future for BT Wholesale is full of exciting possibilities in helping the nation’s communication companies provide the best possible range of services to their end customers. The BT Wholesale Board brings together a strong team of communications industry professionals with solid specialist experience in understanding and meeting the needs of wholesale customers.


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