60% not happy with broadband speeds

June 24, 2017

ISPreview.co.uk’s latest survey found that out of 774 respondents, 58.6% of were not happy with their current broadband speeds and over fifty percent would be willing to pay extra if they could access increased speeds.

Editor of ISPreview.co.uk, Mark Jackson, commented that while this is good for companies that are aiming to provide faster speeds in the future, it is bad for the companies who currently exist, as half of their consumers are unsatisfied and feel their expectations are not met on a regular basis.

Jackson additionally commented that hopefully new efforts by Ofcom, to make broadband providers clarify what speeds customers really will receive with a contract, will help change the perception, alongside the fact that hopefully this will push providers away from overcrowding broadband connections in congested areas.

The survey also asked customers to gauge what speeds they subscribe to, with 52.7% reporting they have already purchased a contract for speeds up to 8Mbps that is under-performing.

Customers may also find relief from their broadband speed connections with the new initiatives outlined by the Digital Britain report, which aims to provide speeds of at least 2Mpbs into every home in the UK.

The move will be supported via a new six pound tax that is attached to fixed line phone bills.

The move has been heavily criticised, as many people think that the government did not set the goal high enough and that 2Mpbs is not fast enough given the global broadband speeds that other companies have achieved.


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