ISPs make “far fetched” speed claims

August 14, 2017

Broadband companies have only themselves to blame for growing customer dissatisfaction, an industry expert claimed this week.

Chris Marling, editor of Broadband Genie, said download speeds promised by broadband providers are often “far fetched”.

“As is so often the case, there was a lot of bravado from the internet service providers as they tried to woo consumers,” Marling said.

“Now we’re a little further down the line, the public is starting to question [the industry’s] commitment to its promises.”

Recent research by Ofcom found consumer satisfaction with fixed-line broadband speeds has dropped from 90% to 81%.

Marling added that while ISPs need to be more truthful in the claims they make for their services, consumers “shouldn’t expect the earth”.

Nonetheless, he believes the British public’s love-hate relationship with broadband will continue.

“While we may have been going through a rocky patch, the foundations of our relationship with broadband are still strong,” he concluded.


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