Dell’s new handhelds to include smartphones

March 19, 2016

Dell is planning to venture into the market for handheld devices by working together with Foxconn Electronics developing Dell branded Windows Mobile smartphones.

Foxconn is already one of Dell’s key partners in Taiwan. It is expected that they will be poaching hot talent from across Taiwan’s handset industry to prepare for Dell’s order.

Early last year Dell appointed Ron Garriques, who was previously Motorola’s executive vice president, to head up their mobile phone department. Garrique has since completely restructured the department.

Dell’s sudden announcement of a venture into the smartphone market is seen as a result of Acer’s recent acquisition of smartphone manufacturer E-Ten Information Systems.

Chi Mei Communication Systems and Mobinnova, affiliates of the Foxconn Group, are already making smartphones for other vendors. It is expected that Foxconn themselves will manufacture Dell’s order, which is likely to include smartphones and GPS PDAs.


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