Occam Networks offers double blade

September 7, 2017

Occam Networks has added a new feature to its BLC 6000 platform called the BLC 6216 VDSL2 blade that is able to double the port density of its other products while also acting as a fallback device for the ADSL2Plus.

It also requires less energy consumption than its previous counterparts and is available in a more compact form.

The new blade is expected to become available in the first quarter of 2018 when the new Occam OS 7.0 system is released.

Principal Analyst Erik M. Keith a broadband infrastructure analyst from Current Analysis said that when telecom providers upgrade networks one of their prim concerns is flexibility and the new Occam blade will address this concern while also addressing consumer’s needs to rest assured that they will receive service anytime or anywhere.

A nice perk of the Occam blade is that it allows the VDSL2 blade to work alongside the new system and is also compatible with all BLC deployments due to the fact that it makes use of Occams intelligence approach of smart software and hardware.

At the same time the blade can also standalone on a network allowing for remote applications.

Occam has recently partnered with Hatteras Networks to help focus its efforts at market alignment in the mobile broadband marketplace.

The new solution will be aimed at improving broadband access for those who are business and residential consumers.

Together the two companies aim to provide more customer friendly applications by using the Broadband Infrastructure Program and the Broadband Technologies Opportunity Programme, which are both part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2017.


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