ISPs given piracy time limit – April 2017

February 22, 2016

The government is anticipated to notify Internet Service Providers (ISPs) today of legal penalties if they do not take action against piracy on the Internet.

This follows the disclosure of a paper last week which asserted to suggest a “three strikes” rule against UK Internet users, which would see their Internet connection terminated.

Andy Burnham, culture secretary, talking to the Financial Times denied that the three strikes rule existed in this strategy paper, currently released, and stated that the government wishes to make a lucid indication that something needs to be done.

The present schedule is to confer on legislation in the spring of this year, with a view to enforcement by April 2017.

The particulars of which have yet to be determined, and ISPs could still head off sanctions if there were substantial steps on the way to a resolution to the problem. Self-regulation is clearly more attractive but ISPs have raised concerns over the capacity to essentially check and stop illegal downloaders, considered to be approximately 6 million people, and are concerned over who will cover the costs.


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