UK broadband connections approach 15 million

January 11, 2016

Ofcom has released its telecommunications market data tables for the third quarter of 2015, showing that there are now over 14,961,000 broadband connections in the UK.

BT further increased its share of the broadband market during the quarter, from 25.9 per cent in quarter two, to 27.2 per cent in the third quarter to the end of June 2015.

While the number of small business and residential broadband connections continued to increase, those on standard DSL lines fell from 5,017,000 in the second quarter to 4,375,000 in the third quarter.

Most of these appear to have converted to unbundled connections, with providers such as Talk Talk moving customers onto their own LLU network.

Local loop unbundling continued to grow from 2,432,000 lines in the second quarter to 3,204,000 at the end of the third quarter.


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