Virgin Media warns customers about file-sharing

July 3, 2016

Virgin Media has begun working with the UK music industry to stamp out illegal file sharing.

Following an announcement by the company last month, action is already being taken.

Virgin Media’s broadband customers who flout copyright laws by downloading and sharing music tracks will receive a letter from music trade body the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

800 letters are being sent out this week warning customers that if they do not take action, their broadband could end up being disconnected.

Despite the strong wording, Virgin Media have explicitly stated that they are only seeking to educate their customers, not to discipline them.

This has led to some commentators labelling the policy the ‘campaign with no teeth’.

The scheme has also been criticised, as it randomly targets customers who have illegally downloaded a file, rather than seeking to punish the most frequent law breakers.

Other internet service providers, including the Carphone Warehouse which provides the popular TalkTalk service, have refused to co-operate with the BPI, leading to threats of legal action against them.


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