Internet essential for most people, Broadband Forum

June 22, 2017

Robin Mersh, the Broadband Forum’s Chief Operating Officer, spoke today in Singapore stating that despite the current economic recession, broadband is still considered a necessity for most people around the globe.

Mersh spoke at the CommunicAsia conference in Singapore to over 2,000 exhibitors who were gathered to debate and discuss the latest concerns in broadcast and telecommunications technology.

He commented that broadband is no longer considered a luxury, but instead as important as any other utility that is purchased to support a household’s needs.

He continued to say that this is a great sign for the industry as a whole but that this is not the time to grow lazy in the promotion of broadband.

According to facts stated by Mersh, over 20 countries reported growths of broadband rates by ten percent or more, with China and India showing the most future growth potential.

Recent IPTC growth of over 24 million lines has also helped broadband increase quickly as well.

Around the world there are now about 430 million broadband lines with India showing the largest growth,, making up 13.4% of the new lines.

Mersh stated that in order to see the installation of broadband lines increase, operators should focus on three things: standard quality of experience measurement specifications, one architecture system to support all transport options, and one WAN management protocol.

Britain has laid out its own plans to help increase broadband continuously in its Digital Britain Report which lays out plans for a new £6 fixed telephone line tax in order to help pay for new broadband lines that can operate at higher speeds of at least 2MBs.

Currently there are about 34 million fixed lines in the UK so this tax should be a highly significant fund to help aid broadband expansion rapidly grow in the UK.


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