O2 holds rank as top broadband provider

May 1, 2017

O2’s position as the UK’s top ranking Internet service provider (ISP) was confirmed yet again this week as the company scooped first place in six key categories at the Broadband Customer Satisfaction Awards.

O2 were ’streets ahead’ of any other provider, said Michael Phillips of Broadband Choices.

The company scored an average of 86% for very/fairly satisfied customers across all categories, taking the overall award for best provider.

Ten thousand broadband users voted in the biannual Broadband Choices survey.

“We were overwhelmed by the responses to our survey, the sheer number of which indicates that broadband is coming under more scrutiny than ever before from consumers,” Phillips said.

Virgin Media won the award for most improved provider, but was pipped to the post by Sky for the bundled services award.

Orange, AOL, and Pipex struggled in all categories.

O2 said it was ‘delighted’ with the survey results.

“We took our time coming to market to ensure that we launched with an unparalleled focus on customer experience,” said O2’s marketing director Peter Rampling.


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