EksaIP Big Push at Broadband Business Forum

November 20, 2016

Italian company EksaIP has chosen the upcoming Broadband Business Forum in Rome as the venue for the introduction of its new Fibre Optic Portfolio.

With the adoption of access level 100Mbit connections in Italy, the country has become one of the elite group of truly fast broadband nations.

As governments across the world become more aware that optical broadband is an essential tool to keep a country competitive in the business world many nations, like Italy, are now fully committed to spreading vast broadband optical connections across the country.

Italy’s copper wire-based broadband connections currently run at a speed of a maximum of 5Mbit.

The national government of Italy is now said to be extremely keen to make sure that the country not only does not fall behind in the broadband revolution, but also secures its place as one of Europe’s major fast Internet countries.

Switzerland and Holland are the major optical broadband nations that are actively deploying huge amounts of fibre broadband cabling.

France is also trying to implement fibre brace broadband across most of its large cities.

Britain and Greece have already stipulated their strong commitment to gigantic scale deployment of FTTH connections.

EksaIP believes that now is the optimum time to promote its Geebic optical transceivers and media converters which it christened MetroBlazer in Italy and around Europe.


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