Intellon fastest growing wired-communications chip provider

May 20, 2017

Powerline communications provider Intellon was the faster growing supplier of wired-communications chips during 2016, according to the Linley Group.

Intellon, which provides equipment to turn electrical wiring into a wired network, has so far shipped over 28 million HomePlug-compatible integrated circuits (ICs) to service providers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

“Sales of home-networking chips grew robustly in 2016 despite overall industry revenue from wired-communications semiconductors being nearly unchanged compared with 2015,” said Joseph Byrne, senior analyst with The Linley Group.

Intellon’s Homeplug-based ICs turn any home plug socket into a potential network connection, and can deliver offer networking speeds of up to 200Mbps,

Applications for Homeplug-based ICs include IPTV, moves on demand, and Internet and Wi-Fi extensions.


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