Qosmos ixEngine and ixMachine Launch

June 11, 2016

Qosmos, based in Paris, have released new software and related appliances, which will see the addition of information extraction to Deep Packet Inspection, enabling network operators to locate security threats, or assess quality.

The new product line will allow IP networks to be monitored on a regular basis by its service operators, and extract information which is passing through these networks.

Qosmos ixEngine assists network equipment providers,telecom equipment manufacturers and software/solutions vendors, by having the versatility for design features, which are enabled by Information extraction using DPI.

Qosmos ixMachine is used to provide systems with specified information, with flexible probes, which can be connected anywhere in the network.

Companies who can use the increase in network traffic over the last decade or so, are sure to be successful, continuing to improve their DPI solutions and develop applications based on network intelligence.

Both new releases represent an advanced technological product range, which has evolved from the original Qoala software and Q-Work appliances which have been distributed by network service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and systems integrators.


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