O2 adds 3500 WiFi hotspots

July 1, 2017

O2 announced that they it will partner with BT to offer customers access to about 3,000 hotspots for Wi-Fi across the UK.

Those who subscribe to O2’s mobile broadband services, as well as those who have an iPhone, will be able to connect via the hotspots much faster than usual, as this increases the total amount of Cloud and O2 hotspots across the UK to 10,500.

There will be no charge to customers to use the hotspots, which are primarily found in travel lounges, conference centres, service stations, and cafes such as Starbucks and Caffe Nero.

Head of O2 Pay Monthly, Jonathon Earle, stated that the company wanted to give customers another opportunity to get the most out of their mobile broadband service contract.

O2 is currently the only mobile broadband provider that offers unlimited Wi-Fi to users, but it comes with a heavy price tag as it is £15 per 3GB of data transfer.

The lowest broadband package from O2 will cost a user £14.69 a month with an additional £5 a month for the first four months of the contract.

O2 recently also upgraded its Connection Manager software which works with Windows and allows a mobile device to instantly find new Wi-Fi profiles as they become available.

It also allows customers to monitor their data use.

Current O2 customers have access to the new Wi-Fi and upgrade services now, with new customers gaining access in the end of July.


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