Cheaper Tier 1 Carriers

August 6, 2017

Convergence Group, a group of experts who provide network solutions, have announced the addition of a new network infrastructure that is able to give customers a comprehensive, yet still cost effective solution.

The new service allows clients to access both international and national supply chains that utilize ‘Tier 1’ Carriers.

Among the products available in this tier are Network Hosting, VPLS, MPLS, and Ethernet as well as content management applications.

The Convergence Group is able to provide complete coverage to businesses because of its wide range of network providers from various sectors, including national, international, public, and private providers.

Due to its access to all of these networks the Convergence Group is able to offer hybrid network services whilst one contract does not have the ability to mix and match the features of different networks so to speak.

The flexibility is just one benefit that the Convergence Group can offer, although most people are likely to enjoy network freedom without a monthly contract with the services of a full IT team to help find beneficial solutions.

Commercial Director of Convergence Group, Neal Harrison, said the company looked at their customer’s needs for flexibility and developed several technology strategies including the comprehensive coverage plan in order to address their concerns.

Convergence Group has also recently expanded onto the MPLS network in order to service the Micheldever Tyres IT team.

The new network addition will allow Micheldever to continue to build its operational base without sacrificing service on existing websites.


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