3Roam announces modular wireless Ethernet backhaul solution

February 11, 2018

3Roam, the pioneer of advanced networking solutions for wireless backhaul of fixed and mobile operators, announces today general availability of its WLS500, a modular wireless node for operators’ packet backhaul networks.

The WLS500 has been successfully deployed by LinkPlus, a leading Internet Service Provider in Bulgaria to create LinkPlus’ carrier-class wireless backhaul.

The WLS500 is ideally suited for the backhaul needs of Internet Service Providers, WiMAX operators, Public Administration and Industry.

The product provides advanced networking capabilities and complete quality of service management to integrate seamlessly in operators’ networks.

The unique modular architecture of the WLS500 provides an upgrade path to a nodal, dual-modem configuration, for high availability deployments and robust meshed configurations.

In LinkPlus’ case, the WLS500 product extends the reach of LinkPlus network with links covering distances of up to twenty kilometres with bandwidths of more than 250 megabits per second.

The WLS500 takes LinkPlus’ broadband network to new areas serving hundreds of new customers were Internet was not available so far.

The WSL500 high availability has been demonstrated despite the tough weather conditions in this part of Bulgaria, where heavy rain and snow are very common.

“This deployment in a rural area proves that the WLS500 series is a solution of choice for Internet Service Providers thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio” said Jean-Paul Deschamps, President and CEO of 3Roam.

3Roam was selected after a careful examination of the competitive offers declared Ivan Kukov, CEO of LinkPlus.

“We are very pleased with the 3Roam product and support we had during the installation which was very responsive”.

The WLS500 product includes six Gigabit Ethernet ports, full switching capabilities with support for VLAN management and advanced Quality of Service.

3Roam also provides a comprehensive set of tools with 3Web for configuration and monitoring, 3Link for link budget calculation and 3View for network management.

The product supports all licensed frequencies from 6 to 38 GHz with high power outdoor units and direct antenna coupling capabilities.

It enables high bandwidth links with all modulations up to 256 QAM.


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