Metaport slashes bandwidth needed for 3D mobile gaming

March 25, 2017

V-Gate this week unveiled Metaport, a new 3D mobile gaming solution that makes bandwidth problems for online mobile gaming ‘obsolete’.

Metaport allows mobile users to play real-time 3D games on their mobile.

Until now, complex streaming processes slowed down 3D games and limited real-time interactivity.

Metaport solves this problem because it is placed on a server between the online platform and the user.

Software installed on the mobile device enables 3D worlds to be downloaded from the Metaport server using only a fraction of the bandwidth compared to conventional methods.

As such, Metaport enables Second Life and 3D games to be played fluently on 3G and 2G handsets.

Markus Schindler, V-Gate CEO, said: “One quickly loses the joy of mobile gaming when struggling with bandwidth and transmission issues.

“With Metaport, we have developed a solution which makes the bandwidth problem obsolete for mobile games.”


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