Geo announces dedicated financial trading network

May 7, 2017

Geo Networks Ltd, which specialises in providing fibre networks to heavy users of data, has announced Geo.TradeNet, which allows financial sector organisations using automated trading to connect to all the major UK trading exchange facilities.

Geo.TradeNet utilises Geo’s optical fibre network in London’s sewers, and provides a direct route for data from office buildings to major trading exchanges.

As the network is totally separate from other utilities, which often lie just under the road surface, it is much less likely to suffer disruption from maintenance work.

Also, as it uses the existing sewer network, there are no costs associated with digging up roads, making it a very cost effective solution.

Chris Smedley, Chief Executive of Geo, said that the network’s ultra low latency was an obvious benefit to the financial sector where “split second responsiveness can be a critical factor in making and losing money on today’s highly automated stock markets”.


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