January rebound for LCD makers Giantplus

February 4, 2016

Giantplus Technology, a Taiwan based maker of small to medium sized LCD panels, saw a January rebound in its orders from Chinese white-box handset makers, due in large part to strong demand for the Lunar New Year holidays.

Giantplus revealed that almost 90% of its white-box handset customers have started preparing orders. As such, the company expects its January revenues to reach NT $780 million (US$24 million), equivalent to their peak level reached in November last year.

The heavy snows in China saw production hit in the company’s plant in Kunshan, affecting its revenues of NT$10 million. However, the plant is shutting down during the holidays, so the affect will not continue.

In terms of its handset panel inventory, Giantplus is experiencing problems only in the 2.4 and 2.8 inch segments – for which they are preparing more stock.

Giantplus has started to diversify its income streams with orders from digital camera makers Altek. Digital camera production is the second largest market for for small to medium sized LCD panels, and Giantplus is positive about the market’s potential.


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